Friday, December 01, 2006

Dating Site for Eclectic Interests

I have ideas for a dating site. It probably is being done currently, but because I'm "in relationship" for the foreseeable future, looking for sites like this has fallen off the radar for me.

There are dating sites for:
- straight and gay
- black, white, brown and all colors
- interracial
- religion
- divorced
- animal lovers

You get the idea. Most sites seem to cater to lifestyles. I'd like to see a dating site that focused on specific things. Some possible themes:

Love Boat - boating enthusiasts who want to find love

Film Lovers - find the love of your life based on similar tastes in movies

TV Love Guide - find that special person that loves the same shows you do

Menu Matches - for those who want to meet someone who eats the same foods that they do

I'm sure there are even more eclectic ideas. Please share your thoughts.