Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Book Review: Making ADD Work

I've got so many things I have to do or should be doing that it seems crazy that I'm taking time to read books. But I do. All the sudden I'm on a book frenzy. I usually read non-fiction; currently, I am reading Making ADD Work: On-the-Job Strategies for Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder by Blythe Grossberg, Psy.D. I've been struggling with a combination of a little mid-life crisis mixed with recently diagnosed ADD (with OCD coping mechanisms - yikes!) and this book has been coming in handy so far.

Dr. Grossberg tells you upfront that you are not a freak for having Adult ADD. In fact, she uses examples of how very successful people who have ADD work through or around it. I'm in the first part "Improving Your Work Skills" which addresses organization and time management, maintaining concentration, networking and maximizing one's strengths. There are two other parts: "Finding the Right Career Path" and "Getting Help".

I've found it very useful already; it has helped my productivity at work. Now I just need to bring some of that home! You can read more reviews for the book here (Amazon link).

For a great blog for ADD, check out Jennifer Koretsky's Experiencing ADDvantages: The ADD Management Coach Weighs In.

Monday, April 03, 2006

What Would Jesus Want Us To Do

I'm a Christian. Yep. I said it.

I know many people have bad feelings about religion(s), God, belief in God and Christians. Some of it comes from very painful memories and experiences. And, as a Christian, I'm sorry. The things some of you have had to endure under the guise of "Christianity" are horrific at best. It doesn't seem right; you know it wasn't right. And you're right.

Some people like to rail because it's the cool thing to do. To those people, I'd ask that they think about what they say. It's one thing to have experience rejection or hurt from a supposed follower of Christ; it's another thing to rail against the government and hit well meaning people in your crossfire.

There are days I'd have to admit I'm ashamed to admit I am Christian. Not because I believe in and love Christ... but because my brothers and sisters who have made such loud proclamations without compassion. These are the people who hook themselves to an issue and don't bend. They get in bed with Big Government and want a Taliban-like theocracy.

I don't pretend to be Super-Christian, but I can see the viper in the bed. Government and others in power have compromised the message and have given power to those who say they follow Christ, but actually follow world power. These people innocently believe, at first, that anyone who professes belief in Christ to be honest and loving. Many of these people have no time for the grays; only black and white.

And you know what? The problem doesn't lie with those people. You heard me right. The problem lies with those Christians that have not stood up and spoken out against the ridiculous shoutings of a frightened group of people.

I think it is time for compassionate Christians to take back their name.

How do we do this? One only has to look to the new testament to find out what Christ would have us do (Matthew 25:31 - 46):

Feed the hungry
Give drink to the thirsty
Welcome the strangers
Tend to the sick
Clothe the naked
Visit the prisoners

This is love in action.

And I believe that it is not enough to say what is wrong; in fact, in a lot of instances, it is not our place. If we Christians could concentrate on just these six areas that Christ himself spoke about, I can't help but believe this world would be that much closer to heaven. Even many of those who do not believe but have compassionate hearts could not argue with this line of thinking.

Will there be mistakes made? Probably; we are human. But I'd rather make a mistake out of love than indifference and intolerance.

Is it safe? Hell no. But it has been mentioned to me that a comfortable Christian is not Christian at all. To follow Christ is very radical; no doubt many would have a very hard time leaving their comfortable lives behind. I still struggle with it.

But I believe that practicing Love In Action will give me a joy that no creature-comfort could ever give me. I won't be in the position of judging others... I'll be loving others.I won't be above others... I'll be with others, attempting to bring heaven a little closer to the here-and-now.