Saturday, March 18, 2006

Webclippings - Saturday Morning

Below is a link to an article I thought was positive, hopeful and informative this morning. It started me thinking good-think.

I'm taking it easy on the ankle this weekend and doing some cyber-catching up.

I've got to say, as much as it sucks to have really twisted my ankle, it's given me some new insights as well as slowed me down enough to think about life and friends. God didn't sprain my ankle; God just gave me the brains to see what profits I can make on lemonade (if you get my drift).

It would be cool if you were viewing this on Firefox, Navigator, Opera or any other browser because you could open these link via tabbed browsing. That way, you wouldn't leave me [cry for help]. Anyway, here's the link:

- from the, Raymond J. Leary writes about Japan's Gutsy Response to Iran's Oil Threats

I'm also listening to Whole Wheat Radio. I hear a lot of the indie music artists that are on MySpace there. And you can download podcasts as well. It's more folk than headbanger.

Take care,


New Ways to Get Fed

I took the suggestion from Blogger Central and hooked up with Feedburner. Now, you can subscribe via Atom site feed as well as other popular RSS feeds through Feedburner. Just check out the links on the side and you're cookin' with gas.

We're live!


Monday, March 13, 2006

Your Touch Inspires Me (MySpace repost)

Your touch


I find I'm left


You are a gift, a muse, a star

And as brilliant as you are

I am left speechless and in wonder

Your love

Embraces me

Your kiss

Encases me

You are an anchor to my dreams

In this sea of love, it seems

It is towards you my love does stream

Copyright 2006

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall (a MySpace repost)

I slipped in the parking garage at work and really sprained my ankle. Ow! [Note - official date was Thursday evening, 3/9/06 - Doug]

In pain, I drove myself to the ER and got a pair of crutches and an air cast. Oh yeah... and a prescription of vidacin(sp?). The kicker was that on the same kind of surface in the garage the next day (yesterday) I slipped again - crutches and all. Yep, it hurt a lot.

They paint the cement with this gray protective paint that gets slippery when it's humid or dirty and wet. People are quick to suggest that I should sue. But I'm not inclined to. I just hope that they'll reconsider redoing the way they cover that area. Because I'm not the only one that has taken a header in this garage.

Ciao for now,

Copyright 2006

SOMEBODY - Update! (Opens May 6th, 2006)

I'm in a new film by Paul David Anthony called Somebody. Below is a link to the site. There you'll find a download for the press conference as well as a movie trailer. Enjoy!



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Welcome to my Planet

Hi. My name is Doug and I'm a MySpace survivor.

I will be posting original stuff here pretty soon and reprinting stuff I've written or drawn. I thank you in advance for taking an opportunity to check out my blog. I will try to keep it interesting and family-friendly (though I really wouldn't think that this site would be interesting or appropiate for anyone under the age of 8).

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