Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Book Review: Making ADD Work

I've got so many things I have to do or should be doing that it seems crazy that I'm taking time to read books. But I do. All the sudden I'm on a book frenzy. I usually read non-fiction; currently, I am reading Making ADD Work: On-the-Job Strategies for Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder by Blythe Grossberg, Psy.D. I've been struggling with a combination of a little mid-life crisis mixed with recently diagnosed ADD (with OCD coping mechanisms - yikes!) and this book has been coming in handy so far.

Dr. Grossberg tells you upfront that you are not a freak for having Adult ADD. In fact, she uses examples of how very successful people who have ADD work through or around it. I'm in the first part "Improving Your Work Skills" which addresses organization and time management, maintaining concentration, networking and maximizing one's strengths. There are two other parts: "Finding the Right Career Path" and "Getting Help".

I've found it very useful already; it has helped my productivity at work. Now I just need to bring some of that home! You can read more reviews for the book here (Amazon link).

For a great blog for ADD, check out Jennifer Koretsky's Experiencing ADDvantages: The ADD Management Coach Weighs In.


ann said...

Hey I think it is great that you are getting a grip on something that could have held you back. I never would have known you had ADD, you don't fir the stereotype.

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