Monday, May 01, 2006

My Carol Burnett/CBS Memories circa 1971-72

I was just looking back at my posting with the Carol Burnett clip with the Carpenters. Turns out that clip is from 1972; I would have been 10 years old around then. Saturday night was the big night to watch TV. I could stay up until 11PM and that was fine with me! I would get to watch TV without anyone tellong me to do things. And better yet, everyone wanted to watch CBS... so no arguments. But Carol was on Wednesday nights that season. Mission Impossible was the 10 PM show on Saturday nights.

This clip is from the Fall of 1971 (thanks newvillefan):

Saturday Night CBS Lineup '71 - '72:
8:00 All in the Family
8:30 Funny Face
9:00 The New Dick Van Dyke Show
9:30 The Mary Tyler Moore Show
10:00 Mission Impossible

In 1971, Carol was on Wednesdays at 8 PM; then Medical Center at 9 followed by Mannix at 10. TV was magical for me then. All I knew was that the shows were on every week. We didn't know every detail about the stars. We could just watch and enjoy.

It was quite the treat because we only had three national stations; not 700 like we have now.

I'm getting old, aren't I?



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