Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wilson's Real Pit Barbeque (Fairfield, CT)

Tonight I ate at Wilson’s Real Pit Barbeque and, man-o-man, it was tasty. I’m a vegetarian but I eat chicken once in awhile. The cool thing is that all the sides like collard greens, beans and such are vegetarian! No joke. I don’t know how he gets collards to taste like that without bacon or ham, but he does. "He" is Ed Wilson (hence “Wilson’s”). He’s done the amazing thing of bringing great authentic barbeque to Fairfield County. It’s actually amazing how many BBQ places there are around here. If you’re in the area, you should make the time to stop in and have some good food. The link to the webpage is here.


Anonymous said...

Recently, my husband and I tried Wilson’s Real Pit Barbeque in Fairfield, CT. To say that the food was disappointing is very generous considering that we’ve had barbeque before. Our expectations were reasonable; we simply desired good food, even if it was a little different—well, long story short, the food was different but I wasn’t very good; it was actually quite bad.

The meat (3-Meat Platter/ Pulled Chicken Sandwich) was unseasoned and the “Hot Chipotle” Sauce on the Side did little to disguise its bland taste. The “Wilson’s Own Sauce” was even less agreeable than the “Hot Chipotle.” I wouldn’t recommend either; you would be better served using KC Masterpiece or even Kraft’s Open Pit. Most people wouldn’t even barbeque meat in the backyard without a hint of seasoning. I’m not sure who decided upon this technique—barbequing meat without seasoning it first—but it is not a very palatable one.

The sides were equally disappointing with the exception of the “Slaw” and “Idaho Fries,” which were decent. In particular, the “Mac & Cheese” was oily rather than cheesy, which suggests that: the quality of the cheese used was very poor, insufficient cheese was used, or someone needs a good recipe for macaroni and cheese. Just like anything else, macaroni and cheese requires good ingredients. For starters, there was probably no salt in the water when the noodles were boiled and no one bothered to season them before adding the other ingredients. It really was the worst macaroni and cheese that I’ve tasted; it’s difficult to believe that it’s being sold to people who think that quality macaroni and cheese is what they’re getting. The potato salad was basically inedible and, akin to the macaroni and cheese, devoid of any flavor; it was simply cold. To no avail, my husband attempted to add a little Miracle Whip, but even he couldn’t finish the small container entirely. Regarding the “Mimi’s Jag”/ Rice and Beans, he simply remarked, “It’s not good.” The cornbread wouldn’t even work for the birds, we had to pitch it.

Overall, the people appeared friendly at the establishment, but the poor quality of our food made the experience very disappointing and unpleasant. Suffice it to say, we will never return; this post serves as a warning to all those who wish to visit—BEWARE. For a small fortune, if you’ve had decent barbeque before, you’ll be utterly disappointed.

Doug said...

Wow. Sorry to hear that.

As you can see by my post, it's been about two years since I've eaten at Wilson's. I'm hoping that your unfortunate experience was a fluke and that the original place has not gone downhill. Unfortunately, food quality is the first thing to go south with most restaurants.

Anonymous said...

We love Wilson's barbecue! We have been going for about 3 years about once a month. We have never had bad or unseasoned food as the review above states.In fact if you look on their walls they have won many awards and competitions for their Que. Anyone who puts miracle whip, Kraft open pit, or KC Masterpiece on barbecue definately doesn't appreciate traditional Southern style smoked barbecue.I also don't find them expensive, this is Fairfield, Ct where pasta dishes average $20., and deli sandwiches average $6.50.We usually get a full rib plater, which has 2 sides,cornbread and sauce for $21.00(most expensive thing on menu), and share it,it's alot of food. So we disagree, and felt I needed to say that Wilsons is great barbecue.