Sunday, January 23, 2011

Buffalo Avenue Books: The Reviews Are Trickling In!

Buffalo Avenue Books: The Reviews Are Trickling In!: "Two Tales of Atlantis received a nice notice over on Much thanks to reviewer Robert Sodaro! "

The e-book is written by Paul Kupperberg, who has written and edited at DC Comics (Arion, Lord of Atlantis; Checkmate and Vigilante to name a few) as well as edited at the World Weekly News. I had the great opportunity to get to know him when I helped at A Timeless Journey in Stamford, Connecticut.

Not only does he have a new book but he's currently at Archie Comics involved with a super-popular series that shows Archie married(!). One storyline has him married to Veronica; the other has him married to Betty. You can hear an interview with Paul here about that comic as well as other things.

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