Sunday, January 16, 2011

Elevator Rider Types: The Waiter

This person is usually someone who a) is claustrophobic, b) is overweight, c) has personal space issues and/or d) is fearful of riding elevators in general. The Waiter sees a near-full elevator and freaks out. They decide to take the next one, providing they won't be in stuffed elevator.

In rare occurrences, they will opt to take the stairs rather than stand with the huddled masses. This is preferable to the experience of rubbing against shoulders (or other body parts), backpacks, seeing-eye dogs or germ-covered people. The last is particularly true during the various cold and flu seasons.

A variation of this type is the Hopper. This rider will get on a packed elevator as to not look unsociable but will silently panic and get off on the next floor. He or she will perhaps give some lame excuse ("Oh my! I think I may have left my phone in the car.") and take their chances with the next ride.

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