Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Question: Why Isn't the Pro-Life Totally Pro-Life

My question for the day is about the Pro-Life movement.

Lately, I've seen/read/heard conservative politicians trying to defund Planned Parenthood to allegedly prevent abortions. They've also attacked Healthcare Reform in ways that limit a woman's options regarding healthcare. I get that they want to prevent abortions and protect innocent, defenseless fetuses. But are the politicians and the Pro-Lifers really "pro-life"? Pro-Life supporters are very concerned about the unborn children in wombs all across America. They seem very unconcerned about the life of people prior to the conception of that child as well as the time after the birth of said child.

I would be able to listen and take to heart to the concerns of the Pro-Life movement if they could prove to me that they concerned with ALL human life. Isn't any death kind of like a retro-abortion? I would like to see the Pro-Life movement embrace the preservation of all life. This would mean they would:

  • be against the death penalty
  • be against war
  • support efforts to end hunger, particularly with children
  • support adoptive services
  • support nutrition issues for all, especially for mothers-to-be and children
  • join in an effort to bring an end to poverty
  • endorse and support education
  • support equal opportunity for all kids
  • support education and services of all new mothers

I know, I know - you might be thinking that with all these causes, it might diffuse the Pro-Life message. I would argue that, for the thinking individual, it would do just the opposite. Instead of seeming like a bunch of irrational baby lovers harping on the joy of new life and the sins of others, Pro-Life members could be such a positive force that it would be hard to deny their sincerity.

I believe that there are many, many people who have a very prayerful, sincere belief that abortion is sinful and terrible. I'm not that crazy about it but I won't have to make the choice. I also have a belief (that I would love to have disproved) that the architects of the movement are concerned only about American, Caucasian babies for reasons too involved to list in this post. For a group that at times is so fervent about the preservation of life, I find it interesting that I do not see the primarily Caucasian Pro-Life groups protesting in front of minority clinics. In fact, some of the same Pro-Life members want to deport babies born in this county back to the country of their parent's origins. That doesn't seem caring or pro-life to me. I don't understand why they do not involve themselves in the world to make it a more loving world so that abortion would be the absolute last choice.

What do you think?

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