Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Remember 9/11

I still remember that day. The horror of the first plane hitting and thinking it was a tragic accident. I remember the sinking feeling I had that turned into fear when the second plane hit. I remember seeing the Towers falling, the Pentagon in flames and seeing wreckage in a PA field. I realized people I knew could have been in those Towers. I thought this was the beginning of the end. I didn't know much more that day other than it was a day of tragic loss and a day of horrific terror. And that I was mad, scared, worried and shaken.

Remember 9/11? I'll never forget it.

It was days later that we would find out about the plot, the heroes, the tragic extent of loss of life and property damage. We start to remember it like it was all one day but it wasn't. We didn't know who to strike back at on that day. We didn't know just how many people were killed that day. We didn't know all the acts of compassion and heroism that day.

I lived in Stamford, CT and worked for a company that had their HQ in Wall Street. I remember 9/11.

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