Thursday, November 24, 2011

Feed the Hungry I Plate from

Feed the Hungry I Plate from

Melamine Plate

Feed the Hungry II Plate from

Another Melamine Plate

Plates for creating awareness of hunger in our world. What are you going to have for dinner on Thanksgiving? Plate I has the question[ the other plate has the verse from Isaiah 58:10 that starts, "Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble." These plates would be great for a group that's running a hunger-thon or an hunger awareness campaign. I originally came up with this when, like a lot of people, I could not recall what I had for dinner the previous night. I thought of the fact that I was so blessed to to take dinner for granted when many people in the world can't. But I was also troubled that people go hungry on a regular basis around the world (including the USA). Hopefully, together we can all do our part to ease hunger and suffering in the world.

Take a moment to at least send good thoughts to those in need. Better yet, do something to make their lives better.

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