Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall (a MySpace repost)

I slipped in the parking garage at work and really sprained my ankle. Ow! [Note - official date was Thursday evening, 3/9/06 - Doug]

In pain, I drove myself to the ER and got a pair of crutches and an air cast. Oh yeah... and a prescription of vidacin(sp?). The kicker was that on the same kind of surface in the garage the next day (yesterday) I slipped again - crutches and all. Yep, it hurt a lot.

They paint the cement with this gray protective paint that gets slippery when it's humid or dirty and wet. People are quick to suggest that I should sue. But I'm not inclined to. I just hope that they'll reconsider redoing the way they cover that area. Because I'm not the only one that has taken a header in this garage.

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