Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where You Can Find Doug E. Shirts

I'm Doug E. and I like t-shirts. I really like coming up with designs and learning new techniques to bring my ideas to life. So I am making a go of it on Zazzle to display and sell those designs and photos on various things like t-shirts, cups, cases and things. I realize that I'm just another fish in that big Zazzle ocean, but people seem to keep finding me!

Started in 2007, Doug E. Shirts began as an idea for transition for me; I was going to lose my corporate job. Slowly, but surely, I began to amass the tools I would need to implement my plan for positive, thought-provoking t-shirts. 

The mission of Doug E. Shirts is to provide people with positive and enjoyable image wear and other designed products. By providing a new (and hopefully) different voice in t-shirt wear and other products, I hope to allow my customers to express their positivity and get noticed.
You can find me at these locations:

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