Thursday, March 03, 2011

My Top 5 Favorite Movies!

A good movie can stay with you for a long time. Sometimes, a movie hits you where you live at a particular time in your life but, with time, doesn't hold up well or doesn't reflect your mindset in your later years. I've seen over 1,000 films (I've rated all of them in Netflix). These are my top 5 and, especially for the top 3, I don't think it will change anytime soon. But I welcome the movie that does break through!

1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Who can deny Ferris' swagger? The spirit of this film is contagious. This is a madcap comedy covered with a coat of hip.

2. Ghostbusters

This film is a close second. It has it all: comedy, horror, heroics and a certain "cool". Everything comes together and the cast works really well together. I remember that after seeing the film for the first time I wanted to be a Ghostbuster!

3. Unforgiven

My favorite Clint Eastwood western. It was the western realized by the man who had epitomized the genre; a master thesis. The scenic backdrops alone made it worth going to the theater. Great storytelling in this one.

4. Groundhog Day

To me this was and is a very spiritual film. What if we had a day to live over and over until we got it right? How long would it take before we got it right? I can't see this film working without the comic timing of Bill Murray.

5. Iron Man

I'm a comic fan and, in my honest opinion, this is the best realized representation of a comic on screen. The character and story is both accessible to the casual movie-goer and true to the comic fan. God put Robert Downey Jr. on this Earth to play Tony Stark/Iron Man.

What do you think? Like my Top 5?

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